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Academic Activity

ABTU defines Academic Activity as any activity carried out by the student which contributes to his or her academic progress. These activities are as follows:

  • Attending a live lecture
  • Watching a recorded lecture
  • Submitting a homework assignment or project
  • Posting/responding to a threaded discussion
  • Attending a tutoring session
  • Taking a pretest
  • Taking a test or quiz


First Week of the Course

A week in a course is defined as Monday morning to Sunday at midnight. Students who fail to carry out an academic activity during the first week of the course will be administratively dismissed from that course. If a student has prepaid tuition, all monies paid for that course will be refunded in accordance with the rules and regulations of the student’s funding source. It is required that a student attend a live lecture during the first week of the course. Failing to attend at least one live lecture in one or both courses will result in a student’s cancellation.



Students who do not maintain activity in a course will be administratively dismissed after fourteen (14) days of inactivity.

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