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Accelerated Learning for Rapid Learners

ABTU encourages any student who wishes to accelerate their learning and decrease the duration of their program to participate in the accelerated learning program.  Students who have an overall B average (3.0) or higher, and believe they are capable of taking an extra course, can enroll in a second class during any six-week term.

The second course is held on either the opposite day of their first course or in an all-day Saturday course. The Saturday course consists of sixteen (16) weeks of live lectures and is designed to be taken alongside a normal six (6) week course. This allows a student to complete an additional nine (9) credit hours per year above and beyond the scheduled twenty-four (24) credit hours a student gains at the regular, full time pace.

Each accelerated learning course, as with all ABTU courses, requires 22 ½ hours of student participation per week (7 ½ contact hours in lecture and 15 hours outside study and preparation time).  All school policies are applicable to the accelerated learning courses. Only students in good academic standing who currently have a GPA of 3.0 or higher may participate in accelerated schedules.

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