Semester Credit Hour Measurement

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Semester Credit Hour Measurement ABTU adheres to the Carnegie formula for credit hours.  The Carnegie formula states that one (1) credit hour per semester equals 15 contact hours plus 30 hours of outside study and preparation.  This is comparable to the educational industry standard. This standard is applied to all ABTU credit hour courses which… Read more »

Satisfactory Academic Progress

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Satisfactory Academic Progress  Credit Hour Programs In order to become an ABTU graduate, a student must meet certain academic standards.   There are two standards of measurement used to evaluate satisfactory academic progress (SAP): “qualitative,” which means overall GPA—the quality of one’s grades, and “quantitative,”—the quantity of courses completed, which means successfully completing at least 67%… Read more »

Returning Student – RET-PL-1211

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Returning Student A student who has withdrawn and wishes to return to ABTU, may do so as long as he/she is in good academic and financial standing. A student who wishes to re-enroll within 180 days of the last attendance need not complete a new enrollment agreement. A student returning within the same payment period… Read more »

Request for High School Transcripts or Equivalent

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Providing the University with acceptable proof of high school completion or receipt of a GED is the student’s responsibility. Validating documents can be an official high school transcript or diploma, verification of state GED, or DD214 indicating high school completion or equivalent. The student must self-certify high school completion by providing the school’s name, city, state, and year of… Read more »

Refund of Tuition

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The ABTU Refund Policy is also in the University Catalog Refund of Tuition Policy  ABTU’s refund policy conforms to the standards set by the Missouri Department of Higher Education & Workforce Development (MDHEWD) and Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).  ABTU uses a time-based Refund Policy with a refund schedule for all credit hour courses, and another refund schedule for all… Read more »

Proctored Examinations

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Proctored Examinations Degree Programs In an effort to protect the integrity of ABTU’s degree programs, our graduates, as well as the realm of online education, ABTU degree seeking students are required to complete periodic proctored final exams, which are appropriately spaced throughout the duration of the program. The table below indicates the number of proctored exams… Read more »

Official Transcripts – TRA-PL-1015

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Official Transcripts All transcripts that contain a signature, seal, certification, or any other image or mark required to validate the authenticity of the document will be maintained in its original hard copy in the student’s file or in an imaged media format. ABTU may maintain a record in an imaged media format only if the… Read more »

College Holidays – HOL-PL-1210

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College Holidays American Business & Technology University recognizes ten (10) official holidays per year during which the students and the instructors/faculty and staff do not have classes or report for work.  These holidays are as follows: New Year’s Day Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Veterans Day Thanksgiving Day Day… Read more »

No Course Offered – NCO-PL-1117

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No Course Offered – NCO If a course in a student’s payment period becomes unavailable and there is no other course available, the student will post-pone their studies for six weeks until the next course available course within the students degree program is offered. During this time, the student and the student’s funds will be… Read more »

National Student Loan Data Systems (NSLDS) Reporting – SLD-PL-0812

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National Student Loan Data Systems (NSLDS) Reporting In order to accurately maintain student data on the National Student Loan Data Systems (NSLDS), ABTU adheres to the following: Transfer Monitoring At the beginning of each class period the student services department in conjunction with the registrar publish a Master Roster. This roster is used to enter… Read more »