Admissions Policy – ADM-PL-0815

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Admission Process and Required Documents for Undergraduate Programs   Undergraduate Admissions Process Submit an online application. Phone interview with an admissions coordinator. Submit required documents Formal acceptance or denial is sent to the potential student. A digital enrollment agreement is sent to the potential student and must be completed within 5 business days. Applicants enrollment… Read more »

Clock Hour Policy for Vocational Programs

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Clock Hour Definition ABTU defines a clock hour as a 60 minute span of time spent in contact with academic material . Academic content may be in the form of videos, interactive videos, reading, software simulations, practical application activity, quizzes, threaded discussion questions, and live instructor led sessions.   Clock Hour Measurement The total number… Read more »


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Misrepresentation American Business and Technology University (ABTU) is committed to providing accurate, truthful, and transparent information to enrolled students, prospective students, and the general public.  A misrepresentation is a false, erroneous or misleading statement about the nature of ABTU’s educational programs and services, the nature of financial charges, or the employability of the our students upon the completion… Read more »

Graduation Requirements & Process

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Graduation Requirements Undergraduate Programs The following graduation requirements apply to Certificate, Technical Diploma, Associate, and Bachelor degree programs at ABTU. Students must successfully complete all courses within their respective program, as outlined in the University Catalog, at the time of their enrollment. Students must complete the program with a minimum overall GPA of 2.0. Students… Read more »

Contest rules for scholarship

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One entry per person. The scholarship and other awards can be applied only towards an AAS or BAS degree @ ABTU, up to 60 credit hours. The Scholarship Committee will select the scholarship and other award recipients based on the eligibility requirements and the content, clarity, and writing of responses to the short essays. Winners… Read more »

Non-Matriculated Student Policy NMS-PL-1015

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Purpose The purpose of this policy is to guide the admission, enrollment and course selection processes for students enrolling in a la carte course(s) outside of an already existing ABTU program. Due to the professional and skill oriented nature of ABTU courses, students may occasionally elect to enroll in a single course, or collection of… Read more »

Dual Enrollment Policy – DEP-PL-0415

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Purpose American Business & Technology University has identified select undergraduate courses as eligible for dual-enrollment, which may be taken by eligible high school juniors and seniors.   Dual-enrollment is defined as allowing eligible high school students to take college level courses for credit, while still attending high school, allowing the student to save time and… Read more »

General Education – GED-PL-0415

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General Education General Education Requirements General education courses are a core component of a collegiate curriculum, which allows students to be exposed to a variety of subjects.   The diverse and complex workplace into which students enter after their formal education requires general familiarity with an increasing broad range of subjects.   General Education courses are incorporated… Read more »