Career Services

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ABTU encourages all of its students to participate in ongoing Career Services prior to completing their training or program. Participation is not mandatory, but students must opt out if they do not wish to participate. Debra Hayes is the Career Services Specialist. The purpose of Career Services is to provide ABTU students with the necessary tools, information, and resources… Read more »

Information Security Program

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American Business and Technology University Information Security Program 1.0 Policy Statement The American Business and Technology University Information Security Program Security Program is intended as a set of comprehensive guidelines and policies designed to safeguard all sensitive data maintained at the University, and to comply with applicable laws and regulations on the protection of Personal… Read more »

Student Consumer Information Notification Policy

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Higher Education Opportunity Act Disclosures In accordance with the 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), American Business & Technology University makes certain disclosures available to prospective and current students Contact Information for assistance in obtaining institution or financial aid information Student financial aid information  Notice of federal student financial aid penalties for drug law violations… Read more »

Attendance Policy

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Attendance Policy Attendance Attendance is defined as participating in a live, interactive lecture and making a quality contribution to the class discussion with the instructors and peer students directly related to course content. A student is encouraged to attend at least 120 minutes per course per week and should attend all lectures when possible. A… Read more »

Academic Channels

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Academic Channels   ABTU subscribes to the notion of following channels in its organization for resolving differences in the classroom.   Step 1: The student must contact his or her instructor when there is a question, concern, or difference in opinion to find a common-ground solution. The instructor and the student should engage in a… Read more »


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ABTU Withdrawal Policy Students may withdraw in accordance with the withdrawal process outlined below: Contact an Advisor by mail, e-mail, phone, chat, fax or withdraw form: American Business & Technology University 1018 St. Maartens Drive St. Joseph, MO  64506 E-Mail: Tel: (816) 279-7000 Fax: 888-890-8190 Withdrawal on or before the 28th calendar day from the… Read more »

Tutoring and Student Support

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ABTU provides tutoring to current students seeking additional assistance in completing homework assignments and preparing for weekly/final exams.  Tutoring sessions are available at no additional cost to the student   Tutoring Usage Students must have entered attendance codes for all lectures relating to the material of which the student is requesting tutoring, to be eligible… Read more »

Tuition and Fees

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The total cost for ABTU programs consists of two components, tuition and the course materials fee.  To provide all ABTU students with a simple pricing structure, all semester credit hour (SCH) bearing courses, regardless of program level, have the same tuition cost per credit hour, as well as the same cost for course materials.  Any… Read more »

Transfer of Credits

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TRA-PL-0113   Transfer of Credits At ABTU, every effort is made to ensure students receive the maximum amount of applicable transfer credits, and also that top-quality programs and courses are presented to our students.  The University seeks to achieve academic excellence and ensure the substantial content of each ABTU course.  When attempting to transfer ABTU credits… Read more »