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  • One entry per person.
  • The scholarship and other awards can be applied towards any program at ABTU.
  • The Scholarship Committee will select the scholarship and other award recipients based on the eligibility requirements and the content, clarity, and writing of responses to the short essays.
  • Winners must begin courses within 2 semesters of selection.
  • Winners must maintain satisfactory progress in courses and adhere to ABTU’s policies on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  • Recipients who do not use the full scholarship amount or other award will not be eligible for a cash disbursement or any other compensation equal to the value of the scholarship award.
  • Recipients of this scholarship are not eligible for other ABTU grants, scholarships, and discounts during their scholarship award period.
  • Scholarship criteria are subject to state and federal law, and may be modified at the discretion of American Business & Technology University.
  • Scholarship awards are not transferrable.

Updated 8/27/2019 by Ramsey Atieh

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