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The ABTU Refund Policy is also in the University Catalog

Refund of Tuition Policy 

ABTU’s refund policy conforms to the standards set by the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) and Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). 

ABTU uses a time-based Refund Policy; it applies to all certificate, diploma and degree programs offered at ABTU. ABTU does not charge application or registration fees for domestic undergraduate level programs. Registration fees charged for graduate level programs are non-refundable. 

The refund policy applies to individual courses. When a student enrolls in a diploma or a degree program, ABTU will refund 100% of the total course price for courses the student never started. 

Withdrawal, Cancellation and Buyers Right to Cancel 

A STUDENT may cancel the enrollment agreement/contract at any time within seven (7) calendar days of the start of a course and receive a full refund of all monies paid (if tuition has been paid).  A student’s notification of cancellation may be conveyed to the institution in any manner, including by phone, email, chat, fax, US mail, or by completing an online form located within ABTU eLearn. 

Students who withdraw from ABTU courses after the first week of class do not need to return textbooks or materials provided for the class. 

Below is a breakdown for the tuition refund for 8-week courses for students who withdraw once the course has begun. In case of cancellation or withdrawal, all refunded money will go directly to the funding source (such as government agencies), unless the funding source specifically authorizes ABTU in writing to release the funds to the student. ABTU processes all student refunds within 30 days, as required by funding sources. Refunds will be direct deposited, or checks will be mailed using the U.S. postal service. 

The following tables below identify the percentage of tuition that will be refunded to students who complete only part of a course, normally defined as an academic module enrolled in three semester credit hours. If the student enrolls in a program of study including two or more courses, each course refund is calculated separately. For example, a student who pays up front when enrolling in a program with three different courses, but completes only part of one course, a partial refund is awarded for the first course and a full refund for the remaining two courses. 

If a student cancels or withdraws during the course, the refund amount will apply according to the following tables: 

Example: The tables below indicate the refund a student will receive for withdrawing or cancelling during various points of an 8-week course at ABTU. The tuition cost for all 3 credit hour courses is $747.00, while the cost Course materials fee for each course is $125. The total course price is $872.00 


8-Week Courses (all courses)

Week of Cancellation or Withdrawal  Refund %  Money Returned 
During 1st Week  100%  $872.00 
During 2nd Week  80%  $697.60 
During 3rd Week  60%  $523.20 
During 4th Week  40%  $348.40 
During 5th Week  20%  $174.40 
During 6th – 8th Week  0%  $0.00 


Special Considerations 

Special consideration is given, for the benefit of the student, on a case by case basis regarding verifiable mitigating circumstances and military deployment and is at the discretion of the Student Affairs Committee.  Such cases may include, but are not limited to, student death, severe illness, natural disasters, unpreventable loss of internet access, and other circumstances beyond the student’s control. 

Students using Federal Student Aid, please view the Return to Title IV (R2T4) section of the Financial Aid Process policy:

Students awarded institutional scholarships, discounts, or tuition matching programs, refunds are calculated on the adjusted course cost. In the event of withdrawal, institutional awards may be reduced; in no case would an institutional award ever exceed the actual net tuition charge after withdrawal. As a result, there is never an actual refund of institutional scholarships, discounts, or tuition matching funds to the student. 

ABTU will process refunds directly to the student, unless the student is receiving funding from a third party, and the third party requires that funds be refunded to that agency. Such third parties may include the US Department of Education, Veterans Administration (select chapters of GI Bill), Vocational Rehabilitation, DOD, and employer/corporate reimbursement. 

Reviewed 8/29/2019 by Ramsey Atieh

Policy Revised 1/1/2019: 6 and 12 week course info removed.  8 week refund table updated, Title IV language updated.

Policy Revised 7/1/2016:  8 and 12 week course refund tables added.

Policy Revised 5/1/2011:  Revised 6 week course info, Title IV info updated.

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