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The total cost for ABTU programs consists of two components, tuition and the course materials fee.  To provide all ABTU students with a simple pricing structure, all semester credit hour (SCH) bearing courses, regardless of program level, have the same tuition cost per credit hour, as well as the same cost for course materials.  Any increases in tuition levels, or the course materials fee will apply only to students enrolling after the increase is placed into effect.  The table below outlines the total cost of all credit bearing courses at ABTU. Fees for registration and optional services are listed on the Tuition & Financial Aid page of the ABTU website and are non-refundable.

Course Cost Breakdown

Program Level Tuition per Credit Hour Total Course Tuition (3 sch) Course Materials Fee (Per Course) Total Course Cost
Certificate $249 $747 $125 $872
Associate’s $249 $747 $125 $872
Bachelor’s $249 $747 $125 $872
Master’s $249 $747 $125 $872

Registration Fee – $50 for Graduate programs only, $150 for International Graduate Students requiring equivelancy evaluation.

Course Materials Fee

As a part of the total cost, ABTU will provide all the books, software, and resources needed to successfully complete a chosen program with ABTU.  To be environmentally friendly, reduce costs, and expose students to, and encourage modern technologies, eBooks will be provided for each course rather than a traditional hard book.  ABTU will only provide hard books to students if the required textbook is not available in eBook format. Disclosure Statement: eBooks are available to ABTU students through third party publishing companies.  eBooks are “rented” to students for 90-180 consecutive days, far exceeding the  duration of ABTU courses.  Students who withdraw from ABTU courses after the first week of class do not need to return textbooks or materials provided for the class.

Components of Course Materials Fee

eBook Other Fees* Total Per Course
$75.00 $50.00 $125.00

*Other fees include, but are not limited to, proctoring services, software, webcam, and miscellaneous technology fees.  The “other fees” costs are averaged over the duration of your degree program.  These charges will occur each term regardless of whether they are applicable for that term.  Additionally, some software will be academic versions or trials used for education and may not be full releases.

Vocational Programs

Vocational programs are priced at $21,450 and are between 400 and 600 clock hours.  See program outlines for details.

Funding Options

Federal Student Aid – Title IV Federal Student Aid Pell Grants are available for those who qualify.  To determine eligibility, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  At ABTU, Specialist Certificate, Technical Certificate, Associate, and Bachelor programs are eligible for Title IV Federal funding.  ABTU School Code = 041187.

VA / GI Bill – ABTU accepts all chapters of the GI Bill as well as Active Duty Tuition Assistance and MyCAA.

State Funding – ABTU accepts all forms of state funding including WIA, Vocational Rehab, and state-TA.

Corporate Reimbursement – Many employers provide direct funding for education or have reimbursement plans for eligible employees.  ABTU works with students and employers who utilize this option.

Out of Pocket – ABTU works with students who are personally funding their education, by providing flexible payment options, with no interest, penalties, or additional fees.

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