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ABTU encourages all of its students to participate in ongoing Career Services prior to completing their training or program. Participation is not mandatory, but students must opt out if they do not wish to participate. Debra Hayes is the Career Services Specialist.

The purpose of Career Services is to provide ABTU students with the necessary tools, information, and resources required for entering the workforce such as:

  • Development of a robust resume.
  • Networking Basics: Brand you!
  • Basic interviewing skills including how to negotiate the final offer.
  • Development of a personal marketing plan.
  • Review of social media as it relates to the job search.

Other items are:

Resume Guidelines and Development
Cover Letters
List of References
Job Search Correspondence Guidelines
Keywords on Digital Resumes
Generic Resume Template
Social Media Overview
Effective Networking PowerPoint
20 ways to improve your job networking
Best places to network
Develop your contact list
Networking is more than Socializing
Networking Principles that work
Sample questions for networking
Creating a compelling online presence
Linked-In Tutorial Guide
Interviewing Strategies
Negotiation Skills
10 Tips Phone Screen Interview
Preparation for the interviews


One-on-one counseling is available with the Career Services Specialist for assistance in identifying prospective job positions in their geographical area

ABTU Student Success Services is also available to assist students in identifying career aspirations and goals.

Students can also request career counseling with a faculty member of the American Business and Technology University. This is done through the students success coordinator or by contacting the Chief Academic Officer directly.

Department heads can also offer students specific guidance based on industry knowledge.



Debra Hayes – Career Services Specialist

I am a seasoned Human Resources / career development professional providing counseling, coaching and consulting services to individuals and organizations. I am passionate about helping others design a life full of work that is personally meaningful and stimulating, and that is in alignment with their individual goals and objectives. I work with individuals in transition as they move toward a healthier alignment and balance. As well, I am passionate about health, wellness, and productivity management, and am committed to professional and personal growth.


For more information or to sign up for the next course, please email


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Revised 3/21/20018 update services from workshop to ongoing; change policy name from Alumni Career Services for Graduates

Created 11/17/2015

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