Admissions Policy

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Admission Process and Required Documents for Undergraduate & Non-degree Programs Undergraduate & Non-Degree Admissions Process Submit an online application. Phone interview with an admissions coordinator. Submit required documents. The student is notified of acceptance or concerns. A digital enrollment agreement is sent to the potential student to be signed. Enrollment agreement is reviewed and signed… Read more »

Discounts & Scholarships

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Military Family This discount was created to honor the families of veteran and active duty United States military service members seeking credit hour degree or certificate programs.  ABTU recognizes U.S. military members’ spouse and dependents with a discount covering up to 25% of the student’s cost of tuition and course materials.  Spouses and dependents are… Read more »

Unusual Enrollment History (UEH)

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Unusual Enrollment History With the introduction of a new Unusual Enrollment History Flag on ISIRs beginning with the 2013-14 award year, ABTU will be closely monitoring students with a “C” code on their ISIRs with a value of “2” or “3.” ABTU will strictly adhere to the guidelines established by the Department of Education to… Read more »

International and Foreign Language Transcripts

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Applicants providing transcripts that are presented in a language other than English must have their transcript evaluated and translated by an organization who is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). To ensure validity of the documentation, the Registrars office facilitates the mailing of the official documents to and from the… Read more »

Policies for Professional Judgement

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Policies for Professional Judgment A financial aid professional may exercise professional judgment and change elements in the federal need analysis to account for circumstances that he/she feels have not been adequately considered in the original FAFSA. Instructions to Students/Parents: All requests for the execution of professional judgment must: Be initiated by a letter from the… Read more »

Code of Conduct for Education Loans

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American Business & Technology University is committed to providing students and their families with the best information and processing alternatives available regarding student borrowing.  In support of this and in an effort to rule out any perceived or actual conflict of interest between American Business & Technology University officers, employees, or agents and education loan… Read more »

Vaccination Policy

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ABTU endorses the efforts of health professionals and the Centers for Disease Control in protecting the health interests of the American public. However, due to the fact that ABTU only provides education via the internet, we do not require students to provide proof of vaccinations.      

Copyrighted Materials

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It is illegal to host or distribute copyrighted materials without permission. This includes images, software, MP3 music files, video files, etc. Copyright holders, particularly from the music industry are very aggressively tracking down, identifying and prosecuting those who are sharing MP3 files. ABTU regularly receives notifications that network addresses traceable to our university are involved… Read more »

Employee Availability for Information

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A school must designate an employee or group of employees who shall be available on a full-time basis to assist enrolled or prospective students in obtaining the information on financial assistance, the school, graduation and completion rates, and security policies and crime statistics. American Business & Technology University offers students various methods to contact staff… Read more »