ABTU students may request to complete a Challenge Exam, in order to demonstrate mastery of a specific course content, and earn academic credit for that course. Student’s requesting a challenge exam, must provide evidence of prior structured training or education relating to the course for which the student is requesting a challenge exam. Structured training or education includes, but it is not limited to prior college courses, employer sponsored job training, professional development courses, CEU’s, and  training for applicable license and/or certifications. To determine your eligibility for attempting a Challenge Exam, please submit the Challenge Exam Request Form.


ABTU’s partnership with Career Academy also allows students the ability to combine prior knowledge with Career Academy training, and turn it into academic credits, by completing an ABTU challenge exam. Students who have completed the ABTU/Career Academy non-credit training courses listed below, are auto-eligible to sit for the corresponding course Challenge Exam.

*Having completed the Career Academy training module(s) is not a guarantee that a student will pass the corresponding course Challenge Exam (minimum 75%). Please read the entire course syllabus to ensure you are ready and prepared to successfully attempt the Challenge Exam.


Applicable Career Academy TrainingCorresponding ABTU Challenge Exam Course
Computer Fundamentals
Working with Word Processing 1-3
Working with Spreadsheets 1-2
Making a Presentation 1-2
CIS-110 Integrated Business Applications
Working with Spreadsheets 1-3CIS-120 Microsoft Excel
Working with QuickBooksCIB-210 Accounting Information Systems-Practical Applications