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Clock Hour Definition

ABTU defines a clock hour as a 60 minute span of time spent in contact with academic material. Academic content may be in the form of videos, interactive videos, reading, software simulations, practical application activity, quizzes, threaded discussion questions, and live instructor led sessions.


Clock Hour Measurement

The total number of clock hours assigned to a vocational program, consists of the sum of clock hours for each academic content category in the particular program. The clock hour calculation formula for each academic activity category is listed below.

Academic Activity CategoryClock Hour Measurement
Videos60 minutes of video = 1 clock hour
Interactive Videos60 minutes of video = 1.5 clock hours
Reading25 pages = 1 clock hour
PowerPoint Presentations1 slide = .33 clock hours (20 min)
Software Simulations1 simulation = .33 clock hours (20 min)
Practical Application Activity1 practical application activity = 1.5 clock hours
Quizzes20 questions = 1 clock hour (2.5 min per question)
Threaded Discussions 1 threaded discussion post = .5 clock hour
Live, Instructor-led Sessions60 minutes of live time = 1 clock hour


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Revised on 3/21/2018 updated calculations

Created 4/12/2017

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