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Dismissal Policy

A student may be dismissed for failing to maintain ABTU’s policies. Below is a list of violations that may result in a student’s dismissal. Please note this list may not cover all situations.

  • Failure to maintain SAP
  • Failure to comply with ABTU policies
  • Academic Dishonesty
  • Failure to pay
  • Failure to maintain attendance
  • Poor conduct in the classroom

A student will be notified in writing if he or she is being dismissed. A student may appeal the school’s decision. Please refer to the Appeals Policy here (

Special Circumstances

ABTU is sensitive to any special or unusual circumstances a student may experience, and will consider any such circumstances described in student responses and appeals when processing dismissals.

Typically, the first course at ABTU (CIS-100 Information Technology Fundamentals) is a mandatory General Education requirement and designed to help the student understand and utilize online learning tools and give them an introduction to the fundamentals of information technology. This class will help the student succeed at ABTU. If a new student has not progressed academically by the midterm of his or her first course (end of the third week of class), ABTU may cancel the student’s enrollment. Equivalent courses taken previously by students will be accepted by ABTU as transfer credit for this course.

Any pre-paid tuition will be refunded in accordance with the schools refund policy.

Title IV students will have their Pell grants recalculated, a Return to Title IV funds will be calculated. A potential post-withdrawal disbursement may be due to the student.

Updated 3/20/2020 to include appeals policy link and updated Special Circumstances language.  Ramsey Atieh

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