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Do Not Call

ABTU maintains a Do Not Call Policy for the protection of prospective students and those persons not wanting to be contacted by ABTU.

ABTU does not place unsolicited telephone calls (cold calls). However, ABTU has an established business relationship with a person if that person is currently a student, if that person was a student within the past eighteen (18) months, or if that person is not a student but has requested information about ABTU or its programs during the past three (3) months.

Because ABTU places calls only to individuals with whom it has an established business relationship, ABTU is exempt from compliance with the National Do Not Call Registry requirements. However, if a person requests not to receive telephone calls from ABTU, that person may request to be placed on the ABTU Do Not Call List in writing, by telephone, or by e-mail. All requests for Do Not Call status will be processed within 60 days from ABTU receipt of the request. Telephone and e-mail requests should be made to the following:

American Business & Technology University
Phone: (816) 279-7000
Toll Free: 1-800-908-9329


Written requests must be mailed to:

American Business & Technology University
1018 W. St. Maartens Drive
St. Joseph, MO  64506

All Do Not Call requests must include the person’s name, address, and telephone number.

Please note, this list is maintained solely by telephone numbers; therefore, the person must notify ABTU if the telephone number changes and the Do Not Call status should be applied to the new number.

All employees placing sales-related calls for ABTU are instructed on the Do Not Call Policy, and ABTU randomly monitors calls for compliance with this policy. All employees placing sales-related calls truthfully disclose their correct names, school name, school address, and phone number when asked.

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