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Document Retention


ABTU maintains digital student documents within the student information system. Any physical student documents received are stored in locked cabinets which are accessible only by authorized personnel. The cabinets are monitored by video and the office is an alarmed facility. Physical student records are also scanned and stored on the ABTU local file server which is secured and under video surveillance.

The records must include at minimum, verification of high school completion or equivalent, enrollment documents, photo ID,

In addition to the required student documents listed above, ABTU also retains other student data, and academic history that may include activity logs, IP address, tuition and billing information, form submissions, chat and email communications, etc. This student data is stored according to the Written Information Security Program.


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Revised on 3/1/2015 “adjusted hard copy files to digital files. Added language to reflect new HS transcript/self certification requirements. Updated physical storage procedures and info.”

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