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American Business & Technology University has identified select undergraduate courses as eligible for dual-enrollment, which may be taken by eligible high school juniors and seniors.  

Dual-enrollment is defined as allowing eligible high school students to take college level courses for credit, while still attending high school, allowing the student to save time and money as they pursue their college education.


Admissions Requirements

High school students must be a junior or senior, and carry a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0 or better. The student must also be recommended or approved to participate in dual-enrollment by their high school principal or guidance counselor. The following documents must also be submitted as part of the admissions process.

  1. Admissions Application, available at the link below:
  2. Admissions interview and phone conference with parent/guardian present.
  3. Official high school transcript, indicating grade level and CGPA.
  4. Completed enrollment agreement to be signed by the student, ABTU official, and the student’s guardian (if student is under 18)
  5. Photo ID (for proctoring purposes)
  6. Payment processing information


Class structure/attendance

Dual-enrollment courses will all be in the 12 week format, allowing a student to take up to 4 dual-enrollment courses per calendar year. All dual-enrollment courses will be taught by ABTU instructors in ABTU’s live-online classroom. There will be no variation in the respective dual-enrollment course the high school student takes, and the course taken by other ABTU students.

High school students participating in dual-enrollment enrollment courses can expect to placed in courses with traditional college students. High school students are recommended by their principal or guidance counselor.


Student Records

Students as well as their parent/guardian may request access to the student’s academic and financial records at ABTU, until the student has reached the age of 18. Beyond that point, the student will have to identify their parent/guardian as being eligible to view and request academic records on the student’s behalf.

Only parents or legal guardians who co-sign the student’s enrollment agreement will have access to the students academic and financial records at ABTU. If the student would like an additional parent or guardian to have access, the student must complete a FERPA release form.



The cost for all dual-enrollment courses is $495, which may be paid in 3 installments of $165 per month, for the duration of the 12 week (3 month) course. The student must have a zero balance before moving on to the next course.

Students and parents who choose to pay for the entire course in full, up front, will receive a 7% discount, resulting in a total course cost of $460.35


Upon completion of the enrollment process, students will be assigned a Success Coordinator, who will provide the student with student account credentials,  guide the student through orientation, and serve as the student’s main point of contact for the duration of their enrollment.

Credit Transferability:

Dual-enrollment courses will be automatically accepted for transfer into ABTU programs. Student’s wishing to transfer dual-enrollment courses to other colleges or universities will need to consult that college or university transfer credit policy, as the acceptance of transfer credits is always dependent on the receiving institution. Furthermore, ABTU will not release official transcripts for potential transfer to other colleges or universities until the student has completed their high school diploma or equivalent.  

To view ABTU’s Transfer Credit Policy, click the URL below:


Students enrolled in dual-enrollment courses are subject to all other ABTU policies including the key policies linked below:

ABTU Academic Activity Policy

ABTU Attendance Policy

ABTU Dismissal Policy

ABTU Grading & Transcripts Policy

ABTU Student Conduct Policy


A complete listing of all ABTU policies is available at this URL:


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