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E-Mail and Student Portal Use

American Business & Technology University has designated the ABTU e-mail system and the student portal as the official method of communication with students, faculty, and staff.

Each student, faculty member, and staff member will be given an ABTU-hosted e-mail account and network login and password. This e-mail account is the primary resource used for ABTU communications between students, faculty, and staff. Official notices and information regarding the college will be sent through the ABTU e-mail system and/or posted on the portal.

The college has determined that use of the ABTU e-mail system and electronic portal is critical for the success of students and employees in daily routines or job performance. Students are expected to check their e-mail accounts and access the ABTU portal daily. Faculty and staff are expected to check their e-mail accounts daily during active work periods.

Typical e-mail communications sent by ABTU include information regarding enrollment, grades, billing, payment, and financial aid. Typical information provided by the portal includes personal announcements, messages for targeted audiences, and access to course materials. It is the responsibility of the students, faculty, and staff to stay informed. Therefore, it is expected that students, faculty, and staff access this electronic communication medium to stay informed of the activities of ABTU and to respond in a timely manner.

Additionally, ABTU stands behind the use of the e-mail system for official notices. All official correspondence, such as appeals or withdrawals, should be sent through official student e-mail to confirm the information comes from the authored student and to guarantee the validity of and ensure the security of the request.

ABTU staff members and users of the school’s communication channels are not permitted to use such channels for any activity or communication not directly related to school business. Staff members and users of ABTU channels should practice ethics and proper language in communication with other staff, outside agencies, or students.

Communication with a third party should be done only after obtaining approval from the president. Violation of this policy can lead to termination of employment.

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