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In the spirit of minimizing the cost of education, as well as promoting higher on-time program completion rates, ABTU allows students to earn college credit, by demonstrating prior knowledge obtained through formal, structured education and training. Students may demonstrate knowledge and proficiency for credit through multiple methods, which include:

  1. Pass relevant industry certification exams
  2. Complete ABTU challenge exam

Industry Certifications

Many ABTU courses directly correlate to and prepare students for taking select industry certification exams. Students, who have successfully completed a recognized industry certification, will receive credit for the particular courses within the student’s program that prepare for that industry certification. All industry certifications must be current and obtained within the last three years.  Click here for a current list of industry certification which ABTU accepts for course credit:  University Credit for Industry Certification Chart

ABTU Challenge Exam

ABTU subscribes to the principle that undergraduate students should have opportunities to demonstrate that skills and knowledge they have acquired outside their normal classroom operations are equivalent to the competencies they attain through their regular classroom activities.

ABTU Challenge Exams may be in the form of a comprehensive exam, essay, project, or an appropriate combination.  Not all courses at ABTU are available for credit by challenge exam. Challenge exams are not available for graduate level courses.


  • Student must be an actively enrolled student.
  • Student may not challenge courses in which they have previously earned a grade other than W.
  • Students must provide proof of structured education/training in the subject matter relating to the challenge exam, before being approved.
  • Challenge exams are $35.00 per credit hour, and paid prior to each test attempt.
  • Challenge exams must be proctored.
  • Students may not complete more than 25% of their program, through challenge exams.
  • Students will be provided with the course description, outcomes, and title of the text book used in the course.
  • Students have 30 days to complete the exam from the day they receive access to study materials.
  • A student may attempt a challenge exam on a given course no more than 2 times. The second attempt cost is $50.00 total. A second attempt requires prior approval by the University and requires a score of at least 60% on the first exam to qualify for a second attempt.
  • Students must earn at least a 75% on the challenge exam, to receive credit for the course.
  • Only successful challenge exam attempts will appear on the student’s transcript. Failed attempts do not appear on transcripts and only appear in the student’s file solely for tracking purposes of challenge attempt limitations.
  • Challenge exams are purely an academic matter; hence, all disputes proceed in the same manner as regular course/grade disputes.

Challenge Exams:

Challenge examinations consist of the final exam given in the corresponding academic course.  These exams measure the attainment of the course learning outcomes and thus validate a student’s knowledge of the course material.

Steps for requesting and scheduling your exam

  • Click here to submit the Challenge Exam Request Form
  • Once you have completed the form and received approval to attempt the challenge exam, you will be provided access to the course materials.
  • When you are ready to take the exam, submit an email to, to schedule a time and date for your challenge exam attempt.
  • Posting of exam results occur within one week of exam submission. If you are successful, the registrar will update your student file.
  • If you are unsuccessful on your 1st attempt, you may submit an additional Challenge Exam Request Form.

Successful Challenge Exams will be notated on the student’s transcript as “EX” for the appropriate course, and will not be factored into GPA calculations.

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Revised 3/1/2020 Updated request form link.  RA – Compliance Officer

Revised on 06/12/2013 “Replaced Director of Education with Dean of the College” TDB

revised on 5/22/2014 “Updated policy to reflect acceptance of ACE, CLEP & DANTES for potential transfer credit.

“Replaced the word college with university.”

Revised on 3/18/2015 added table for industry certifications that convert to transfer credit.

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