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Faculty Employment and Evaluation

ABTU selects instructors and faculty who meet high standards of character, education, and occupational qualifications and who can help ABTU advance the goals of skills, knowledge, and education for its students. Prospective and potential instructors also must possess academic qualifications of unquestionable merit, the capacity for growth, and the ability to become a viable part of the organization. All instructors applying for employment shall be considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

ABTU performs the following procedures during the hiring process of all instructors:

  1. Review instructors resume.
  2. Official/Unofficial transcripts and relevant certifications or credentials are examined.
  3. Select references and/or employers are verified by ABTU HR Dept.
  4. Phone interview with ABTU Administrators.
  5. Adjunct instructor agreement is finalized.
  6. ABTU live-online training sessions are held with the instructor.
  7. Schedule 30-day new instructor review.

Instructor Qualifications
All instructors must have at a minimum, a Bachelor’s degree, three (3) to five (5) years of experience in the field they are recruited to teach. Faculty teaching courses that are part of an undergraduate degree program must possess, at a minimum, a degree at least one level above that of the program that they are teaching and demonstrate expertise in the subject field of the discipline, in accordance with Standard VI of the DEAC Accreditation Handbook. All Master’s program faculty must have an earned doctorate/terminal degree relevant to the program being offered. Instructors shall be assigned responsibilities in terms of their areas of expertise, in accordance twith Standard VI of the DEAC Accreditation Handbook.

Instructors employed to teach any of the general education courses must have a Master’s degree and at least eighteen (18) credit hours in the subject they teach.

Faculty are carefully screened for appointments and are continuously trained with respect to institutional policies, learners’ needs, instructional approaches and techniques and the use of appropriate instructional technology.

Instructor Professional Development

All instructors while under adjunct contract are encouraged to participate in appropriate professional societies, and are required to complete at least 1 subject matter professional development activity annually.

ABTU will pay up to the full cost of professional development and self-employment training related to employee job performance, at the discretion of ABTU Administration.

All instructors while under adjunct contract are required to participate in instructional professional development held during required faculty meetings 8 times each year.

Instructor Evaluation

The Director of Curriculum & Instruction or designated qualified evaluator monitor all instructors’ delivery of educational materials, adherence to professional development policies, and student feedback and concerns. The Director of Curriculum & Instruction or designated qualified evaluator examines instructor delivery in an official evaluation:

  1. During the Instructor’s initial course, and once more within the first year.
  2. Annually for each year under adjunct contract.
  3. ABTU reviews midterm and end of term course evaluations and other forms of student feedback on a term by term basis. The results of these evaluations and feedback in addition to any other concerns may trigger an additional official instructor evaluation.

The Instructor Evaluation form is based on the Likert Scale point system. Items assessed include organization, content, presentation, student-centered activities, and technological abilities as exhibited by the instructor and the online students. The form also includes an area for evaluator comments.

Some of the items assessed are beginning lectures on time, clearly stating goals, providing timely, fair, and insightful feedback when grading assignments, projects and tests, presenting well-organized content, explaining difficult terms and concepts, speaking audibly, responding to distractions, communicating a sense of enthusiasm, soliciting student feedback, managing the chat room and maintaining professional development requirements.

The evaluator, Chief Academic Officer, and the instructor complete, sign, and date the Instructor Evaluation form which then becomes a permanent part of the instructor’s file.

Faculty and staff must comply with federal, state, and local laws concerning alcohol and illegal drug usage, whether on University property or otherwise. Violations will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement officials. Individuals will be subject to college disciplinary action up to and including expulsion or separation, pursuant to ABTU’s policies and procedures. ABTU reserves the right to impose one or more disciplinary actions, including termination, probation, or successful completion of a substance abuse program as a condition to continue employment. The cost of the substance abuse program shall be the responsibility of the individual in question.


Revised 9/1/2017 – Updated number of annual evaluations.

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