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Grading and Transcripts

Instructors must exercise fairness, consistency, and accuracy when correcting and grading assignments, lessons, projects, and examinations. In order to maintain fairness, consistency, and accuracy, ABTU relies on the following:

  • Grading rubrics are used where applicable, to ensure fairness and accuracy in grading projects, papers, and essay portions of exams.
  • The Chief Academic Officer (CAO) ensures the course material provided supports the objectives being assessed.
  • Tests are built on a secure platform and graded automatically.
  • Feedback is provided to the student by the instructor in eLearn when assignments are graded
  • Students may dispute a grade received to the instructor, and further, to the CAO, if a resolution is not achieved initially with the instructor.
  • Grading of students assignments, quizzes, and exams can only be performed by instructors who are qualified to teach that course.

Due Dates & Timeliness
Instructors are required to have students’ work graded within 48 hours of the assignment due date. Graded assignments are then posted to the learning platform and automatically returned to the students who are alerted via email through the eLearn system.

When an instructor discovers that a student has not completed an assignment and has therefore earned zero (0) for the assignment.  During the live lecture, instructors may contact the student through a private live chat with a message regarding a missing assignment. Notifications are sent automatically to the student through eLearn to further address the deficiency.  Student Services reaches out to students via phone, and e-mail, in an effort to encourage students to submit homework and exams.   Regular and consistent completion of homework assignments is considered by ABTU to be essential to be successful as a student and in the workplace following graduation.

Exam Results
ABTU’s eLearn (Moodle) system delivers examinations to students. A secure name and password is given to each student and ensures security for both the student and ABTU. Because the tests are constructed and automatically graded in eLearn, students are allowed to review tests once completed, and have access to their score immediately.  Any essay or short answer questions, and practical application tests are manually graded by instructors.  Scores for manually graded items are expected to be graded within 48 hours of the due date.

Grade Disputes
A student can contest the grades earned by emailing the instructor. The instructor then replies to the student with his or her response and explanation of the grade. If the student does not feel this resolves his or her question or complaint, the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) of the University may then be contacted by e-mail at The CAO will review the complaint, visit with the instructor, make a final decision, and notify the student.

Final Examinations
Final examinations are required for all credit hour courses. If students do not complete the final exam, an F is given for the course grade. Students may appeal to take the exam late, but documentation of the reason for the missed exam is required. Final course grades will not be modified until the exam is completed.

Grading Scale
ABTU utilizes a 4 point grade point scale for all credit hour courses and programs.

Letter Grade                      Grade Points
A (90-100) Excellent                 4.0
B (80-89) Above Average         3.0
C (70-79) Average                      2.0
D (60-69) Below Average         1.0
F (0-59) Failure                          0.0

Additional Transcript Codes
CE = Cancelled Enrollment in a course prior to the add/drop date.
W = Withdrawal (Note: Withdrawal prior to the midpoint in a course will result in a W on student’s records and transcript, after midpoint in a course will result in an F on a student’s records and transcript.)
I = Incomplete, No Course Credit, Not Included in cGPA Calculation
TR = Transfer credit award from an appropriately accredited college, school branches of the US Military, and CLEP testing credits
R = Retake.  This course grade is superseded by an equal or higher grade earned in a another attempt on this course. The superseded grade (R) is not factored into the student’s GPA.
EX = Exam.  Indicates the student satisfied the particular course requirements by successfully completing a challenge exam.
U = Unique or unusual circumstances resulted in the course not being completed, but does not negatively impact the students GPA.
P = Pass.  Clock hour programs only are pass/fail, requiring an 80% to pass and indicated with a “P” and the number of hours on the transcript.)

Release of Transcript
Official transcripts from other institutions are held in the office and become a part of the student’s permanent record. Official transcripts from other institutions are not available from ABTU. If needed, please contact the previous institution.

Proctoring Policy:

************end of policy**************

Revised on 9/23/2019 Remove unused codes, revised language for clarity.  Ramsey Atieh, University President.

Revised on 7/1/2018 Updated codes for clock hour courses/programs.

Revised on 3/1/2016 Replaced Dean of the College with CAO.

Revised on 2/14/15 Updated points of contact, and position titles. Updated University vs College. Added specific language how/where to appeal a received grade.

Revised on 06/12/2013 “replaced Director of Education with Dean of the College” TDB

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