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Granting of Extensions


ABTU understands that the rigorous nature of its programs, combined with the busy lifestyles of adult learners, will occasionally lead to the student requiring extra time for the completion of homework assignments. Assignments submitted beyond the original due date, will receive a maximum of 10% deduction.

*Students needing an extension on the final week’s material will need to request an “Incomplete”, by filling out the form at this URL: Incomplete Request Form (

N/A = Not Accepted.

The instructor may choose to waive the 10% reduction, or mid-term hard cut-off date, due to special circumstances, as described below.

Instructors will use the following guidelines to grant an extension on compassionate grounds:

  • Personal illness
  • Illness or death of a close family member
  • Military training and deployment
  • Jury duty
  • Work-related scheduling conflicts
  • Natural disasters
  • Relocation
  • Other unforeseen circumstances which affect the student’s status

*Please note, students are expected to meet the Sufficient Course Progress policy to avoid cancellation for lack of progress.  Assignments, tests and attendance are required weekly.  Do not wait until the cut-off dates to submit all course work.


In rare instances, life’s emergencies will occur, prohibiting the student from completing or finishing a particular course, by the course end date. If such a situation arises, and the student requires additional time to complete course work beyond the course end date, the student may request an “incomplete” by filling out the Incomplete Request Form below. An incomplete allows the student an additional 6 weeks to complete the course. Incomplete requests are reviewed, and approved or denied by the Dean of the University. Students may be required to submit documentation supporting their need for an incomplete. Students must not assume the incomplete is approved without written or email approval from the Office of the Registrar.

Incomplete Request Form: Incomplete Request Form (

Students who receive an incomplete for a course and are also placed in their next course the following term, must maintain sufficient academic activity in both courses.

The instructor must notify the Registrar of the student’s request and approval or denial of an extension. Any extension deadlines that are not met by the student need to be reported to the Registrar immediately.

Students with an approved extension or incomplete will not lose points for late submission of coursework.

If a student’s extension or incomplete exceeds the access duration of the eBook provided by ABTU, the eBook will not be available until additional costs are paid by the student.

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Updated 4/1/2021 Form links updated to MS Forms. Ramsey Atieh
Revised on 06/12/2013 “replaced Director of Education with Dean of the College” TDB
Revised on 2/25/2015 “replaced college with university. Added incomplete request link, removed email/phone request process.
Revised on 5/12/2015 revised late penalty. provided table for guidance on late penalty application throughout the module.

Revised on 9/13/2018 added eBook access notice.

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