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Instructional Methods

Instructional Methods
ABTU employs a comprehensive, but user-friendly method of instructional delivery that includes the ABTU eLearn online delivery platform. eLearn allows both synchronous and asynchronous communication; live, interactive audio lectures and recorded lectures; and assignments, projects, online tests, and proctored exams.

ABTU eLearn
ABTU eLearn is a distance-learning platform on the Internet where students can log onto class, check and submit their assignments, view instructors feedback on submitted work, take online tests, receive and send messages, and check their weekly grades. Students may also replay past lectures on this platform.

Class Lecture
Class lectures are live, interactive audio/video sessions. The instructor broadcasts the lecture to the class, and then encourages discussion and questions to interact with students. There are 7 ½ hours per week of online, interactive audio lectures per course. Attendance is taken using the attendance codes quizzes. Each class lecture/presentation is stored in the ABTU eLearn system under the specific week and day of the class meeting for on-demand playback at any time. Students are provided with hyperlinks to ABTU eLearn and directed to click on the designated class lecture. PowerPoint presentations outlining the lecture material can be displayed on the student’s personal computer system while the instructor narrates the material. Students are able to play the recorded lectures at any time, and as many times as needed.

Course material is reinforced by weekly assignments. There are typically three (3) assignments per week. Using ABTU’s eLearn platform, students can view their assignments and submit them to the instructor for evaluation and grading.

Online Tests
Weekly tests are typically available between Friday and Sunday at midnight CST. Students are expected to complete the test during that timeframe. At the discretion of your instructor, tests can be made available at an earlier time. Tests taken after midnight Sunday may result in a penalty of 10% per day late. No tests will be accepted after Wednesday without express written consent of an instructor. Students who have military obligations should make special arrangements with their instructor in advance.

ABTU emphasizes the practical approach by assigning projects throughout the courses that make up the programs. These projects are derived from life and work experiences that prepare students for the challenges they are likely to encounter in the workplace.

E-mail and Instant Messaging
Every student is assigned an Instant Messaging and e-mail account, which can be used to communicate with their instructors and college staff members.

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