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Leave of Absence – LOA

A leave of absence (LOA) is defined as a temporary interruption in a student’s education.  An LOA must be requested prior to the beginning of a course. A student should only request an LOA if the student intends on returning within the allowed time. If a student is uncertain of when he/she will be able to return, a withdrawal request should be submitted to the school.

In order for a student to qualify for an approved LOA;

  1. The student must complete the LOA form.
  2. The LOA must not exceed one course, including breaks ( up to a maximum of seven weeks).
  3. There must be a reasonable expectation that the student will return within the payment period.
  4. The student must have documented evidence of; injury or illness, the death of a relative, or other special circumstances.

Failure to return from an LOA within the payment period or within the allowed time (up to a maximum of seven weeks), the student will be treated as a withdraw (See withdrawal policy).

A student will not be assessed any fees during an LOA.

The following conditions apply for Title IV recipients:

Pell grants will not be requested or disbursed while a student is on an approved LOA.

A student who takes an approved LOA and returns during the same payment period will have a change in enrollment status and may drop from full-time to half-time.

The LOA form is located in the student learning portal.


Upon reviewing the application the registrar will send the student an e-mail letting him or her know if the leave of absence request was approved.

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