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Media Consent

ABTU may occasionally request use of a testimonial and/or image of a current student, graduate, staff member or instructor for advertising/promotions of the University or its programs.  The University must obtain a signed Media Release Form prior to publishing the testimonial or any advertising or marketing material. The signed Media Release Form will be maintained on the compliance site, within ABTU’s content management system.

ABTU advertising and promotions include but are not limited to text, television, Internet, Website, radio or other forms of media.  Testimonials and endorsements must be truthful and current and less than four (4) years old.

Prior to publication or broadcasting of any testimonial or image for any advertising or promotional purposes, the Marketing Approval Form must be reviewed, evaluated, and signed by ABTU administrators, including the Compliance Officer, Chief Academic Officer, and University President, prior to any testimonials being published or distributed.

Updated on 8/29/2019 by Ramsey Atieh, University President.

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