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No Course Offered – NCO

If a course in a student’s payment period becomes unavailable and there is no other course available, the student will post-pone their studies for six weeks until the next course available course within the students degree program is offered. During this time, the student and the student’s funds will be treated the same as if the student were on an LOA (Leave of Absence).  This is typically caused by a student failing a course near the end of their degree program, resulting in a separation from their cohort.

A student will not be assessed any fees during an NCO.

Pell grants as well as loans will not be requested or disbursed while a student is on an NCO.

A student who is on an NCO and returns during the same payment period will have a change in enrollment status.  For example a student may drop from full-time to three-quarter time.  This would cause the student’s financial aid to be adjusted as well.

An NCO cannot be requested.

The student must confirm in an e-mail that he or she understands that there is no class offered and that he or she plans on returning next module.

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