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Non-Credit Course Policy – NCC-PL-0515


The guidelines set forth in this policy govern the activities and requirements of students who are enrolled in ABTU non-credit courses and tracks.

ABTU non-credit courses are self-guided modules that contain click through audio and video lectures and demonstrations. These courses are intended for professional development and continuing education purposes only. Completion of these modules does not result in any earned college credits.


Enrollment Requirements


-18 years of age

– State issued photo ID.

– Online Application

– Phone Interview with ABTU Admissions Coordinator

– Verified Payment

– Signed Enrollment Agreement

– Orientation


Academic Support and Advising

An academic coordinator/advisor will be assigned to each student upon enrollment, to serve as the student’s main point of contact while at ABTU. Coordinators/advisors will monitor the student’s progress through the course/track, to ensure they are progressing at an acceptable rate to complete within the allowable time frame. Students will receive phone calls, emails and/or text messages from coordinators/advisor periodically throughout the program, and more frequently when the student has fallen behind the acceptable progress rate.

Progress Requirements (SAP)

A student may cancel his or her enrollment within the first 5 calendar days of class, with no penalties or charges and receive a full refund of all monies paid. Any materials must be returned or purchased from the University.  A student’s notification of cancellation may be conveyed to the institution in writing by completing the Withdrawal Form form located within eLearn, ABTU’s learning platform.  If a student does not complete an academic activity within the first 30 days of starting, the student may be cancelled for inactivity. A student may make a second attempt at a later time. In the event of a cancellation or withdrawal, all refunded money will go directly to the funding source (such as government agencies), unless the funding source specifically authorizes ABTU in writing to release the funds to the student. Failure to stay on pace for a period of 30 days or longer without activity, will result in probation and possible dismissal from the program.

  • Students enrolling in a course or track, must remain on pace. A training plan and schedule will be provided to students upon enrollment. The student’s pace schedule is tailored to the length of the course/track in which the student enrolls. Student’s progress will be reviewed on a weekly basis.
  • Getting off pace – If the student falls behind, they will be contacted by their coordinator/advisor. The coordinator/advisor will work with the student to return to pace, and successfully complete the course. ABTU’s goal is to assist students with any challenges they may experience so they may successfully complete the training program.


  • Courses are graded on a pass/fail format. Students are required to master the skills and objectives of each module, before moving on to the next.


If the student chooses to withdraw prior to completing their module/track, the student is eligible to return to ABTU and continue their training. The student’s progress and all prior completed course work will be saved, and the student will be allowed to resume where they left off.


Tutoring & Support


ABTU offers complimentary tutoring. Students can request assistance or tutoring two ways.

  1. Discuss your tutoring needs with your success coordinator.
  2. Complete the request tutoring form here:


Technical Support:

ABTU offers after hours support for all students. Simply visit our website at and click the live chat button at the bottom of the page. Our technical support staff can assist students with accessing and navigating the ABTU platform, as well as optimal computer and internet browser settings for viewing course material. Students can also submit a trouble ticket for issues that are not immediately urgent. To submit a support ticket, simply email


Transferring Tracks & Adding Courses

  • Prior to making a change, students must contact the ABTU Registrar’s office.


Credit for prior completion or training

  • ABTU does not allow for transfer credits into non-credit courses. Only students taking college courses, for credit may have prior learning reviewed for potential transfer. The courses governed under this policy are non-credit bearing and are intended for training and professional development purposes only.


Course Transferability

  • ABTU does not guarantee transferability of your training to other institutions. Traditionally, only college credit bearing courses are transferable and are all subject to the receiving College or University’s approval policies.  Once the student starts a program, it is not beneficial for them to transfer to another school for risk of losing courses completed.

Netbook Details

  • Due to the nature of these professional development style courses, there are no physical books or materials. All course material is 100% digital and accessible online, through the course portal provided to students upon enrollment. Accessing course material, including streaming videos, interactive quizzes, and software simulations, requires that students have access to a sufficiently equipped computer.  In an attempt to avoid technical difficulties, and to ensure students have all of the tools for success, ABTU is providing a complementary netbook for students to use in place of physical books or ebooks.  This netbook will allow students access to all course materials and meets the technical specifications and requirements of our online learning platform. Students who withdraw or are dismissed prior to completing 25% of the course content, must return the netbook to ABTU. The netbook may be returned in a USPS medium flat rate box to:

American Business & Technology University

1018 W. St. Maartens Drive

St. Joseph, MO 64506


Completion of a course(s)

  • Upon completion of a course(s) students will receive a letter of completion.  This letter will list the course(s) completed and the contact hours associated with each. The letter will state that these are not college credit bearing courses, but rather Continuing Education and Professional Development courses issued by ABTU’s Training Department.  These training courses are built specifically for training purposes and do not meet the rigor or requirements for college courses.


Employment Assistance

  • ABTU offers a complimentary quarterly webinar designed to prepare graduates of ABTU with resources and information that aids the student in seeking and preparing for employment. The webinar covers topics such as developing a resume, interviewing skills, social media presentation, professional networking, self-marketing, and much more. Additional information regarding the Alumni Career Services webinar, can be found at the following URL:

Grievance Procedure

  • ABTU strives to meet the needs and expectations of every student. If the student feels at any time the university has not met its obligation to the student, and the student has exhausted all other methods for resolving the issue, the student is encouraged to submit a complaint using the form below. Complaint form submissions go directly to the top administrators of the university including the President. We take student satisfaction very seriously and would like an opportunity to resolve any complaints the student has before they reach out to any third party agencies for complaint assistance.
    ABTU Complaint form:


  • Students can also find the complaint link within your online learning platform.  Students may also call the Compliance Office at 816-279-7000  or email


Accreditation and Approvals Disclaimer

  • ABTU non-credit courses do not lead to a diploma or certificate nor do they train for a specific job function such as an EMT, Real Estate Appraisal Agent or CPA. This training is designed for Professional/Personal Development (PD) purposes only. Training programs, that do not lead directly to a specific job is not considered Vocational in nature and therefore is not governed under our current Accreditation standards.
  • These training courses are not offered for Academic Credit and are therefore not transferrable into another certificate or degree program offered at ABTU and will not be accepted by another College or University as transfer credits.
  • Training courses designed to be Professional/Personal Development and are not designed to be Accredited under degree granting standards and therefore should not be confused with college courses. Upon completion these training modules, a student will receive a letter of completion listing the course name(s) and the number of contact hours within each section.

Helpful URL’s

Tutoring / Support:

Complaint Form:

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