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The purpose of this policy is to guide the admission, enrollment and course selection processes for students enrolling in a la carte course(s) outside of an already existing ABTU program.

Due to the professional and skill oriented nature of ABTU courses, students may occasionally elect to enroll in a single course, or collection of courses that support the student’s specific educational or vocational goal. Students enrolled in a course(s) outside of an ABTU program, are considered “Non-Matriculated” students. students may also enroll in specifically selected courses, for the purpose of transferring to another educational institution.



Non-Matriculated students are subject to the same policies and requirements and procedures as matriculated or degree seeking students including Admissions, Attendance, and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements.


Students must select the course(s) in which they would like to enroll, by completing the a la carte course selection form. The student’s desired course(s) will be listed on the students enrollment agreement, as well as the total cost of tuition and course materials for each selected course.




Students must provide proof of funding source or method of payment prior to starting class. Certain funding sources such as Title IV Federal PELL grants and loans, and VA-GI Bill or Active Duty Tuition Assistance (TA) will not fund a la carte courses, or any courses not declared within an entire pre-approved program.  Students utilizing Title IV, GI Bill, or TA funds must pay for courses outside of their program, with out of pocket funds.




Students enrolling in a single course, will select their desired start date according to course offering availability. Students enrolling in multiple courses will also select their desired start date according to course offering availability, however continuous enrollment for all selected courses may or may not be available, depending on course availability. A student may need to sit out or be placed on LOA for a module(s) until their selected course is scheduled for offering.



Course Selection

Students will select the courses in which they would like to enroll via the a la carte course selection form. Students may select courses from the following lists.

Students may select course(s) to at their discretion, and according to their educational needs, or utilize the suggested course combinations provided by ABTU, below.



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