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Proctored Examinations

Degree Programs

In an effort to protect the integrity of ABTU’s degree programs, our graduates, as well as the realm of online education, ABTU degree seeking students are required to complete periodic proctored final exams, which are appropriately spaced throughout the duration of the program. The table below indicates the number of proctored exams for each program level at ABTU.

Program Level

Proctored Exams

Associate's Degree


Bachelors Degree (2+2)


Bachelor's Degree (4 year)


Master's Degree


Vocational programs do not require final exams.

The courses which have been selected to have proctored exams are marked on the course syllabus, on the program layout in the college catalog, and on the ABTU website, so that students are aware of which courses have proctored exams.

Failure to take a proctored exam within the allotted time may result in a grade of F for the entire course even though a student’s grade average for the course  is high enough to pass without taking the proctored exam

Proctored Exam Defined
ABTU defines a proctored exam as one in which an independent, reputable, third-party proctor verifies the identity of the test-taker and monitors the test-taker while he or she completes the exam to ensure the integrity of the testing process. The results of a proctored examination should reflect the test-takers own knowledge and competence of the course in which he or she is enrolled. The test-taker must provide the proctor with valid government-issued photo identification to confirm his/her identity.

Exam Location/Proctor Qualifications/Time Frame

  • Location:  Online through Examity is the preferred method, however physical proctoring at an an approved examination site such as a Prometric Testing Center.  Other acceptable locations include a college, university or public library but require specific approval from ABTU.
  • Qualifications:  The proctor must be a registered proctor of a testing center, college or university administrator, or librarian and must be approved by ABTU.
  • Time Frame:  The student must complete the proctored exam (whether at a specific location or online) within 72 hours of the last day of the course.

Proctored Exam Procedures

  1. If a student chooses not to use the online proctoring service provided by ABTU, or is unable to take the proctored exam at the ABTU campus, he/she must obtain his/her own independent, qualified proctor and provide appropriate contact and qualification information to ABTU prior to taking an exam to enable ABTU to approve (or disapprove) the proctor. A proctored exam form should be filled-out and submitted to the registrar who will contact and verify the information regarding the instructor’s name, agreed upon location and time. The exam will not be released without aforementioned approval.
  2. The Registrar will provide the completed form to the proctor. Included with the form will be instructions to the proctor, testing specific and student accommodations.
  3. ABTU administration will email a username and password to the proctor. The proctor must save this password information in a secure location and must not share it with the student.
  4. At the scheduled time, a student should meet his/her proctor at the designated testing location. The proctor must validate the student’s identity by reviewing legitimate, government-issued photo identification.
  5. The student should log onto the eLearn system, access the online exam, and then have the proctor enter his/her password. Students cannot access the exam until this information has been provided.
  6. All proctored exams are closed-book exams. Students may use 1, 8.5″ X 11″ page (front and back) of handwritten notes only. No typed pages are allowed.
  7. After the student has completed the exam, the instructor will be notified immediately that the exam is finished and ready for grading.

ABTU Proctoring Information Site:

Policy Revised on 9/6/2019 by Ramsey Atieh, University President

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