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Semester Credit Hour Measurement

ABTU adheres to the Carnegie formula for credit hours.  The Carnegie formula states that one (1) credit hour per semester equals 15 contact hours plus 30 hours of outside study and preparation.  This is comparable to the educational industry standard.

This standard is applied to all ABTU credit hour courses which are 8 weeks long and 3 semester credit hours.

Below is a sample of a Credit Hour Chart for a typical ABTU course; actual times may vary slightly.

Learning ActivitiesWeekly Hours Spent Towards CourseTotal Hours Spent Towards Course per TermTerm Credits Earned
Total Hours17.2137.33
Attending or viewing course lectures2.520
Reading instructor's feedback0.3753
Audio and video.54
Reading discussion forums and making responses18
Presenting and reading student reports00
Taking exams1.512
Course Documents/ weblinks/ web doc1.713.7
Required content readings: 25 pages per hour2.419.4
Content videos0.32.4
Case Studies/ Reaction/ reflection papers: 1 hour per page.00
Research papers: 3 hours per page0.86
Clinical/Lab Hours00
Study for quizzes and exams2.116.8
Projects, journaling, or other assignments432

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