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Student Conduct

ABTU online students are expected to conduct themselves in an honest and appropriate manner, to act responsibly and in accordance with good taste, to observe ABTU’s regulations as well as all municipal, state and federal laws. Students are to respect the rights of others. Although ABTU lectures are online, traditional classroom conduct is expected.
Students are expected to:

  • log on to class on time
  • ask permission before speaking
  • have no distracting noise in the background
  • refrain from using foul language
  • demonstrate respect for the instructor and other students in the class
  • remain in class unless or until the instructor gives permission to leave

In addition, students must follow all school rules. ABTU maintains the right to dismiss students for violation of rules or for conduct which, in the opinion of the school, reflects negatively upon the school or adversely affects the school’s reputation or operation. Academic misconduct includes, but is not limited to, violating school policies, including the student integrity policy: cheating and plagiarizing or fabricating, misrepresenting, or providing false information on the admission application or other materials submitted to ABTU. Penalties can range from reprimand to dismissal for academic misconduct or for conduct unbecoming a student.

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