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Student Records & Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
ABTU complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) which requires ABTU to allow students to review and request changes to the student’s education records maintained by ABTU, notify students at least annually of this inspection right, and maintain records in each student’s file listing requests for access to and disclosures of personally identifiable information. FERPA also limits the disclosure of a student’s personally identifiable information by ABTU without a student’s prior written consent.

To allow ABTU the ability to provide your academic information to a spouse, family member, or other individual, please request the FERPA Release Form, and return to the ABTU Registrar by one of the methods below:

Fax: 1-888-890-8190
Mail:   1018 W. St. Maartens Dr. St. Joseph, MO 64506 Attn: Registrar

Solomon Amendment & FERPA

The Solomon Amendment is a federal law that allows military recruiters to access some address, biographical and academic program information on students age 17 and older. The Department of Education has determined the Solomon Amendment supersedes most elements of FERPA. An institution is therefore obligated to release data included in the list of “student recruiting information”.  However, if the student has submitted a request by email to the ABTU Registrar,  to restrict the release of their Information, no information from the student’s education record will be released under the Solomon Amendment.

Student Recruitment Information or “Solomon Information”

  • Name
  • Address (home and mailing)
  • Telephone (home and mailing)
  • Age
  • Place of birth
  • Level of education
  • Academic major
  • Degrees received
  • Educational institution in which the student was most recently enrolled

Procedure for releasing information to military recruiter:

Under the Solomon amendment, information will be released for military recruitment purposes only. The military recruiters may request student recruitment information once each term or semester for each of the 12 eligible units within the five branches of the service: Army: Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard Navy: Navy, Navy Reserve Marine Corps: Marine Corps, Marine Corps Reserve Air Force: Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Air Force National Guard Coast Guard: Coast Guard, Coast Guard Reserve The request should be submitted in writing on letterhead clearly identifying the unit of service requesting the student recruitment information. The request should specify whether the information needed is for the current or previous semester.

Health and Safety Exemption Requirement

American Business & Technology University adheres to all requirements pertaining to the protection of student information.

However, there are limited exceptions to FERPA regulations under which ABTUis permitted to disclose education records or personally identifiable, information from education records in in relation to a health or safety emergency without prior obtainment of the student’s consent.

The situation requiring disclosure of the student’s information must present imminent danger to the student, other students or members of the school community in order to be determined an exception.

Ramifications for FERPA Noncompliance

If ABTU fails to comply with FERPA, the Department of Education may require corrective actions by ABTU, withhold further payments under any applicable Title IV program, or terminate ABTU’s eligibility to participate in Title IV programs. In addition, ABTU is obligated to safeguard customer information pursuant to applicable provisions of DEAC and the U.S. Department of Education.

Student File Requirements
The following items will be maintained electronically, in print, or by other means at all times:

  1. A master copy of each course or program;
  2. Each student’s permanent record showing admission date(s), transcript of academic progress from other sources (if applicable), tuition payments, financial aid, termination, or completion;
  3. Each student’s Online Application for Admission Form; Self Certification/Official High School Transcript/GED or Equivalent;  Enrollment Agreement signed by both the student and a university official that reflects name, address, age, date enrolled, and other pertinent information about the student and program; with documents supporting accomplishment of prerequisites established for each course/program; and
  4. A copy of the academic record/transcript of credits for each student completing a course or program from ABTU is filed indefinitely. All records are backed up digitally and are encrypted using the latest encryption technology.

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