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Sufficient Course Progress

A student must maintain sufficient progress through the midpoint of the course in order to maintain enrollment beyond the mid-term. ABTU will check a student’s progress through the first 4 weeks of the course, to ensure they are making sufficient weekly progress through the course. If the student fails to meet the criteria listed below, he/she may be dismissed, and receive a grade of “W” for the course. Fees and tuition for the course will be assessed in accordance with the refund policy.

   Determination Point

             Minimum Requirement

End of Week 1

              Submit Wk 1 Test + 1 Assignment

End of Week 3 (Midterm)

              Grade of 30% on weeks 1-4

    Students who fail to meet the Week 1 and Week 4 (Midterm) minimum requirements are at risk of being dismissed for lack of sufficient course progress. Dismissal will be at the discretion of ABTU. Extenuating circumstances, such as medical issues and homework extensions approved by the instructor will be taken into consideration.


Revision History

Updated to new academic calendar 6/1/2020 by Ramsey Atieh.

Policy re-written on 8/11/2014 to identify specific academic measurements to define “sufficient course progress”. Changes will be in effect as of M6 2014 8/18/2014

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