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Tech Support Usage

ABTU provides resources and trained personnel to assist students with minor technical support issues, as they pertain to the student’s coursework and material. Students may request technical support through multiple avenues, including LiveChat, Ticketing System, or contacting their Instructor, or Success Coordinator by phone or email.

ABTU Success Coordinators are limited to supporting technical issues that pertain to coursework and material only.  Some of the tech issues ABTU staff CAN and CAN NOT assist with are detailed below.

ABTU staff CAN support the following technical issues…
  • Username & password resets

  • eLearn Platform Navigation

  • Opening & signing Docusign digital documents

  • Viewing & navigating eBooks*

  • LiveClass connection issues with AdobeConnect

  • Viewing recorded lectures

  • Google Chrome settings (pop-up blocker)

  • Student email account assistance

  • ABTU Software installation**

  • Light malware removal***

ABTU staff CAN NOT support the following technical issues…
  • Hardware issues

  • Home internet/network settings

  • Installing new or upgraded operating systems

  • Installing software not provided by ABTU

  • Severe malware removal***

If it has been determined that ABTU can not solve the issue, ABTU technical support staff will provide you with a computer diagnosis form, which may guide and assist you in describing your issue to a local computer repair shop for further assistance.

*Although ABTU staff can resolve common eBook issues, all eBooks are provided by Cengage, and higher level eBook tech support issues will be better handled by their technical support team.  Available on your bookshelf or student support menu in eLearn.

**ABTU staff can only assist with software installation, if the software is provided by ABTU for students to use in class.

***A malware situation is considered severe when the malware prevents the ABTU staff member from properly screen-sharing with the students’ computer, or the malware prevents malware removal software from properly running. At this point, the student will be directed to consult a reputable local computer repair shop for further support.

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