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ABTU Withdrawal Policy

Students may withdraw in accordance with the withdrawal process outlined below:

Contact an Advisor by mail, e-mail, phone, chat, fax or withdraw form:

American Business & Technology University

1018 St. Maartens Drive

St. Joseph, MO  64506


Tel: (816) 279-7000

Fax: 888-890-8190

Withdrawal on or before the 28th calendar day from the official start day of an 8-week course will result in a “W” on the student’s records and transcript.  Any withdrawal notification received on any calendar day, holiday, or otherwise will be considered an official withdrawal notification as of the day the notification is made by the student.

Withdrawal on or after the 29th calendar day from the official start day of an 8-week course will result in an “F” on the student’s records and transcript.  Students may repeat a course from which they withdrew, however many funding sources have rules prohibiting that a course be paid for multiple times. Students will need to verify their source of funding will pay for repeated attempts of the same course. The student is ultimately responsible for all tuition and fee charges regardless of funding source restrictions.

In the event of a withdrawal where there is a refund due to the funding source, the refund amount is determined in accordance with the last date of attendance and the ABTU Refund Policy with respect to the funding source.

Title IV recipients that submit a withdrawal without a specified return date will prompt an immediate processing of the Return to Title IV.  If a student does return within the same payment period, he/she will be treated as if he/she did not cease attendance and ABTU will undo the Return to Title IV calculation. Please see the Returning Student Policy for more information.

A Title IV student who submits a withdrawal will have his/her Pell Grant and Direct Loan eligibility recalculated based on the number of days attended in the payment period before a Return to Title IV is completed.

If a new student has not progressed academically by the mid-point of his/her first course, or by the end of the first SAP evaluation point (12 credit hours), ABTU has the right to cancel the student’s enrollment.

Any pre-paid tuition will be refunded in accordance with the school’s refund policy.

Title IV funded students, will have their Pell Grants and Direct Loans recalculated, a Return of Title IV funds will be calculated. A potential post withdrawal disbursement may be due to the student.

Withdrawal form:


Revised on 11/27/2018: Updated to identify the 28th day as the mid-point of 8-week courses.  Removed Test-Drive.

Revised on 7/3/2018: Updated email address, adjusted SAP cancellation, and test drive requirements.

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